Changing Job Titles in Recruitment


Why does recruitment have so many different names?

There are a ton of different terms, so I wanted to explore some of them and the reasons why there are now so many names for people who we simply used to call a Recruitment Consultant.

There's no getting around it, recruitment is hard. Sadly the boiler room days of the 1990’s have created a perception among people outside the industry that recruitment is full of cowboys trying to make a quick buck. Clearly not true, most agency recruiters I know, in fact all of the recruiters I know work hard, are honest and trustworthy and ever mindful of the best interests of their clients and their candidates. They make best use of the technology available to them and fill roles.

So why isn’t everyone in recruitment just called a Recruitment Consultant anymore? I think there are a few reasons.

Four reasons a Recruiter isn't just called a ‘Recruiter’:

Perception Recruitment is perceived as a less than glowing job/industry so are recruiters trying to rid themselves of the negative connotation by calling themselves something else? I think so yes.

Different Companies call one person who fundamentally does the same job completely different things, Sales Executive, Business Development Manager & New Business Consultant are all working examples of that.

Sounds better Are people working in recruitment trying to make themselves sound more authoritative and knowledgeable? I think the industry is guilty of that yes.

Shift in roles, responsibilities and the industry as a whole thanks to technology.

A big part and what I think is the major contributor to the conversation is the shift we are seeing towards the in-house recruitment revolution. Recruitment is tough, we’ve established that and when a large prestigious brand is waving a lucrative offer letter to become a ‘Head Of’ in front of an experienced recruitment consultant in his/her respective niche you wouldn’t blame them for taking the leap.

I know a lot of ex big-biller first class agency recruiters who have reached their ceilings, they earn well financially but are no longer challenged and need something new. With the amount of ‘sourcing’ products available on the market poised at direct employers coupled with recruitment knowledge and insight, the direct employer can alleviate the need (or the perceived need) to use an external contingency or retained recruitment agency. More and more agency recruiters are moving in-house a trend I expect will continue for some time to come yet.

Here is a by-no-means extensive list of some of the job titles I’ve come across in recruitment:


Internal Recruiter

Onsite Recruiter

In-house Recruiter


In-house Sourcing Specialist

Resourcing Manager

Recruitment Lead

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Personnel Advisor

Staffing Specialist

Executive Recruiter

Talent Guru


Talent Partner

Talent Hunter

Principal Recruitment Consultant

Head of Recruitment

Head of Resourcing

Head of Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Director

Resourcing Director

Talent Acquisition Director

Head of Recruitment Strategy

Chief Talent Officer




Lateral Recruiter

Talent Scout

Contingent Workforce Manager

People Finder

Talent Magnet

I’d love to hear from you on this, what unfamiliar job titles have you come across? Tweet me @Jameswlord - I’ll retweet the most uncommon ones.

May 2016. JAMES LORD | Global Recruiting | Recruitment Insight | Hire Gen Y | Flexible Recruiting | Millennials

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