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You are recruiting for a new role based on the success and future success of your company, great news! You’ve worked out what type of person you want and how you’re going to find them. We’ll skip a few steps. You’ve found them. Now, all that is left to do is conduct an interview, make your judgment call and negotiate the tricky business of offering them a position and getting them to accept it. Easy!?

It’s about candidate experience!

From a personal perspective, I can recall being in situations where my prospective employer could have made more of an effort to close the deal quicker, and save themselves a load of time and hassle in the meantime, because in the week/that became two that was “we’ll get back to you shortly” I accepted another offer.

I’m a big fan of informal interviews. Two way conversations and laughs when appropriate, walks around the office, meeting the team and chats about the sport on at the weekend. Get to know the potential new recruit and let them get to know you and the company, its values and culture. And do it in a relaxed manner, working days aren’t like interviews. Interviews should be like working days.

It’s about speed.

You need to appreciate that as much as this candidate may seem perfect for you and your business, your company might not be the right fit for them. In a candidate driven market, the rules of the game change and they are in control. You need to move quick. I know a lot of disheartened recruiters who put ample time and effort into finding the perfect candidate, have a seemingly textbook interview, put forward a compelling offer only to have it turned down.

Under promise and over deliver.

Don’t faff about. Once the interview has finished, have the conversations you need to have immediately and get that offer out the door. This is within your direct control, no-one else's.

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