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With a simple search of ‘James Lord’ and ‘referencing’, it could be possible to think that I was recently involved in the Hamish and Andy story that made global news as a prank from a radio show in Australia.

Just to clear things up, different James Lord - I am involved with employment referencing, but absolutely do not endorse this sort of phone-based referencing to recruit staff for a new job position.

Great prank on an otherwise well-intending bloke, who was trying to help out a fellow Aussie (they have a great attitude like that). But there was a deeper message here, as an employer, how do you know the referee is actually who they say they are!?

For many, in some part, exaggerations about our experience are commonplace on the CV/Resume to show our skills and experience in the best possible light. The employer has to take our word we’re presenting factual information, so they ask for references, and rightly so. But a mate posing as a referee is more common than you might think, more than 80% of candidates are willing to fake references just to get a job offer!

If you are an employer either large or small don’t take a chance on an unknown candidate. Do your due diligence first, there are many companies that can help you. I recommend

If you missed the coverage you can see it here:

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