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People are emotional and with the Millennial generation that is no different, in fact I’d argue that with Millennials more of an emotional effort/connection is needed. As a bunch we are largely influenced by the social media content we consume, and we react to it, emotionally. We then have more experiences as a result, and then share those too, almost as if the act of sharing is an emotion in itself. I need to cry.

From a British Millennial perspective, I know that the expectation of keeping a stiff upper lip so to speak is still culturally ingrained within us. Most of us aim not to speak/make eye contact in public places and hesitantly whisper “sorry” as you seem to feel as though you have inconvenienced someone, just by being present whilst leaving or passing through a close-by area. Often we don’t like to complain, if we were unsatisfied with any form of product or service, we tend not to do verbalise it, there in person. But we do share it with others we know. “The starter in that restaurant was bloody awful”.

We’re the Starbucks, Airbnb, Uber generation and we won't ask someone something, we’ll Google it. We’ve grown up with tripadvisor and trustpilot and when it comes to careers we look at companies like Glassdoor. What we read online and how we connect with that emotionally can determine where and how we move forwards and the purchasing, or career decisions we make.

A lot hear is to do with perception - see what I did there? You can’t control what people perceive as we all have different motivators, likes and dislikes and levels of expectation. But what is important is your attempt to do everything you can, in the best way possible.

I’m confident that most companies, do not want to create a negative experience. More to the point, some aren’t really that bothered about creating a positive experience either, and end up with negative ones as a result. Don’t ignore this, it’s always been important but now more than ever.

How can we create positive emotional engagements in hiring?

Know your audience and go where they are. See this as an opportunity to forge emotional associations in minds by appealing to all senses. A multi-sensory brand experience generates certain beliefs, feelings, thoughts and opinions to create an image in the consumer’s/future employees mind. That can make your life easier, or a bit harder.

Ever been into a Hollister store? They present a good example of a multi-sensory brand experience. You smell the store’s scent before you enter, you hear the relaxed, upbeat progressive music, see the good looking staff and the dimmed lighting presenting only the products for sale, of course. It makes me feel good. I like to feel good. I’m going to tell people I felt good.

I’m interested to see examples of businesses creating positive emotional connections to attract and retain new staff, customers, suppliers, partners and investors.

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