Local? Think big. How to Source Globally.


Often the perfect candidate profiles do not just fall into our lap so we go looking, but we seem to be looking for new talent in the same places. How many more people are local, how ambitious are your growth plans, will there be enough people locally to fulfil your goals?

Have you thought about, or rather are you open minded enough to look at sourcing candidates from a much wider net, like say overseas? Hear me out. Aside from the obvious much larger talent pools there are a lot of other benefits, you gain a greater level of commitment from someone who has relocated for you, they bring new ideas and a cultural richness and diversity to your business that has more benefits than you might first think.

The world is smaller now, there are less barriers to new markets and countries, better technology and better communication systems. All great for you and your business. Firstly look at your talent attraction strategy and your employer brand, how many people do you need, what do you need those people doing and what can you offer them in return? Seems simple really, actually it is but most businesses don’t give it a second thought.

DEFINE TALENT: Clearly outline what human resources you need, write down must and nice to have’s. Try not to focus on job descriptions and fancy language, forget that, simply what do you want? The bums-on-seats thinking of well established businesses is frankly a bit old-hat and people don’t want to work in that way, especially generation Y, you can have a flexible, highly dependable, committed and super smart global workforce.

ATTRACT TALENT: Highly visible and compelling advertising is the way to do this, think outside the box with video, images and audio, stand alone plain block text is dull. Where will you look? There are a ton of resources available to find these people, people per hour, Freelancer look for the same thing in the same places and it won’t be surprising that you will get the same result. Have you thought about career expos, schools, universities and colleges across the world with academics who have completed their studies in your field or specialism? Plain block text isn’t inspiring, you can't expect miracle workers. Sum up what is great about working for your company and tell people about it! What are your staff rewards like?

RECRUIT/ONBOARD TALENT: There have been lots of conversation in recent years about the ‘candidate journey’ dont discount it, it is important. From initial interaction of an advert through to reference checking. Map out the whole journey and make sure it is a good one. Invite conversations on people’s own terms, what works for them, it’s a good idea to give options and GEN Y like that, can you use Video Interview software? Can you have conference calls outside of core hours? Can you have open days or interview drop-ins, can you make a trip to a foreign talent hub?

RETAIN TALENT: How well do you treat your people? Or rather, how well do they think you treat them? Generation Y search online for opinions, so give consideration to the profile your business has but that you may not be directly controlling, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, Glassdoor. Everyone is different so learn about your people, play to their strengths and appreciate them in the way they feel appreciated.

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May 2016. JAMES LORD | Global Recruiting | Recruitment Insight | Hire Gen Y | Flexible Recruiting | Millennials

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