What if HR Decide to Strike


Today marked day two for Londoners of a two day for tube lines and stations across London.

I joked with a few people on the phone today about what would happen if HR were to decide to go on strike too. What would happen? It’s easy for outsiders to pass the buck and blame the travel disruption on laziness of staff at TFL but actually, I feel for them.

TFL employees are striking in protest for their jobs and customer safety, with increasing pressure from the government to improve services and build out infrastructure the additional cost has got to come from somewhere, an expensive commodity? Staff. Jobs are slowly being replaced to self service and automation and yet in the middle of all this there is an emotionally driven employee. Loyal, hardworking, honest and now feels a little cheated.

I wonder what would actually happen if an HR team were to strike. Mayhem, eventually. HR teams and leaders are the glue that sticks everyone together. The biggest issue any company has, always comes down to it’s people. The hassles and issues, the personalities and the behind door conversations that happen. HR act as a coach or a backup to awkward conversations and simply they have the heart-felt conversations that are sometimes a little tricky.

I’ve heard of some forward thinking companies who are taking a leaner, flatter management structure and have HRTech in place of what would have previously been dealt with by a team of HR professionals. They have automated processes that assess, screen and interview new staff. They have another tech which makes new starters feel welcome during the onboarding stage to bring them up to speed on the company culture using pre-recorded video clips, bios and chat facilities with existing staff. They use software to automate their payroll, performance reviews/feedback, holiday and absence and online suggestion boxes and FAQ areas if an employee wants to find the answer to something specifically with the company, their product range, or about a customer.

What I’ve found though is that there is still a need for a human element and interaction. Almost acting like a People/Staff concierge service, where things that the employee may need like an unbiased person to talk to, to vent, advise or build out ideas.

We still need that, let’s keep HR happy, to keep us, as staff, happy!

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